The Advantages Of Home Buying Programs For Single Parents

For single parents, buying a home is a huge step. Many single parents would find it impossible if not extremely difficult to purchase their own home without the help of the various home buying programs which are available. From down payment assistance to low-interest rate loans, these programs help to put many families in homes when it would otherwise never happen. There are many advantages to using such programs if you are an individual faced with raising a child alone, and once you understand these advantages, it will be easy to decide to move toward homeownership.

What Are Home Buying Programs?

Home buying programs are specifically designed programs and resources that help to place individuals in a home of their own. While these programs are available to a variety of different groups of individuals, single parents are one such group that can get the greatest use out of them.

There are different programs which exist to help an individual meet their goals. One of the most popular types of home buying programs is the down payment assistance program. Since most single parents do not have several thousand dollars lying around to help them purchase a home, these programs can give them the money they need to secure a loan. Most of the time, the money is offered interest-free, and only needs to be repaid once the person sells the home, rents it out, or pays it off.

Another common type of home buying program is the low-interest loan programs which also may be more lenient on the criteria that must be met to qualify. These include first-time homebuyer programs which can be even more useful to single parents. The easier it is for you to qualify and the lower your interest rate, the sooner you will be in a home that you can enjoy and afford.

The Advantages Of Home Buying Programs

There are many advantages of home buying programs when it comes to single parents. Since single parents are working off of one full-time income, for the most part, they are not given the same opportunity to own a home of their own as someone who is in a joint parent household. Home buying programs give single parents the advantages that they need to come up with the down payment, qualify for a loan, and get a good rate that they can afford.

Acquiring agreeable repayment terms is one of the best advantages of home buying programs. Often single parents may be so desperate to get into their own home that they accept terms for repayment that are not feasible. This causes them to fall into debt, and eventually face losing their home. With home buying programs, however, a single parent can receive the financing rates and terms that make it possible for them to meet their monthly payment amount without a problem or fear of eventually facing foreclosure.

The advantages of home buying programs for single parents are many. They make it possible for more single parents to realize their dream of homeownership each year. From receiving help with a down payment to getting agreeable rates and terms on a loan, single parents around the nation benefit each day from the various available programs.

The Feeding And Care Of Your Child For A Healthy Life Span

Do you want your child to have a Healthy Life Span? Of course, you do. You, the parent, will have to be assertive and take charge as your child grows and develops from Birth through their high school and into the “Real World” for their walk and journey of their own life. Your child will continue to make good decisions and choices when they have had their “Role Models”, that is you, their parent lives the “Healthy Life Span” life; organic, natural foods; good decision making; no prescription drugs, no processed foods, everyday living used as “family time”.

Your child will have a Healthy Life Span if your goal for your SELF is a goal of a Healthy Life Span.

Common sense parenting skills are learned – read the Parenting Guide book on the website that talks about over 30 words and their definitions of how they apply to YOUR daily life and your child. The words define the VALUES that you have everyone has different values, but every 24 hours should be about you and your family values ONLY- family is defined as parents and children. YOU can have relationships with other members of family and friends but ONLY when you and your children have completed all that involves the FAMILY. I was a single Mother and stressed all the time to my children that we three-mother and 2 children were a “Family”.

Will your children know how to make good decisions as they develop into adulthood? Will, they put items into their bodies that chemically change the way their brain develops – because we are always developing – until we die. Will they know about choices that they have as they develop?

Write an annual Mission Statement for the short term for you as a parent, help your child write their annual Mission Statement, and write a Mission Statement for the family.As you and the child are writing these Mission Statements you will be helping the child with “decision-making skills” and “choices”. These 2 items will have a PROFOUND effect on your child their whole life – for a Healthy Life Span.

Knowing what strengths are in the brain helps development:

This all has to do with what the right and the left brain does for a Healthy Life Span:
The brain must be “balanced” and putting EMF (that we talked about in the last blog), any chemicals and prescription drugs will put the brain out of balance, and any processed food affects the balance of the brain.

The left brain controls the right side of body plus they are;

  • Classical music
  • Dog lovers
  • Good at math
  • Logical
  • Cannot be hypnotized
  • Read realistic stories
  • Like to be organized
  • Make good scientist
  • Banker
  • Judge
  • Bacteriologist

The right brain controls the left side of the body plus they are:

  • Dreamers
  • Artists
  • Cat lover
  • Good at geometry
  • Can be hypnotized
  • Make good politician
  • Athlete
  • Artist
  • Craftsman

Know your body and the brain so you keep in mind that they are all part of “Healthy Life Span” and must be taken care of as a child develops.

Understanding The Psychological Well Being Of Single Parents

When individuals find themselves faced with the important task of being a single parent, there are many emotional trials that they have to work through. Whether it is guilt, depression, or frustration, the psychological well-being of a single parent depends on their ability to cope with the hand that they have been dealt. Although counseling and building a strong support system can help in maintaining their well-being, several factors should be considered to keep a straight head during this difficult time.

Dealing With The Guilt

Not only do single parents face the guilt of not being able to spend as much time with their children or give them everything they want, but they also face the guilt of the missing parent. Some feel that it is their fault that their child or children must now face life with only one parent, and so they try to make up for it.

Some parents make up for the loss of the non-custodial parent by adopting both the mother and father roles, and run themselves ragged trying to keep everything going all of the time. Others jump into the dating scene much too soon to find someone to replace the lost parent. Neither one of these options is good for the children, however, and can lead to even more problems. Instead, single parents should just focus on being the best mom or dad that they can be, and enjoy the time that they have alone with their children.

Managing Time

Time management is one of the biggest problems that single parents face, and it can also be the biggest cause of emotional stress. Not only do single parents have to work at least one full-time job to pay the bills, but they also have to be there for their children, maintain the household, and many also attend college to get a better education. Trying to do everything for everyone can put quite a strain on the psychological well-being of single parents.

Finding time to relax and do things for themselves is imperative for a single parent. Going out with friends once in a while or starting a new hobby is a great escape from the mundane tasks that must be completed each day. Finding ways to hand off some of the required tasks is another way to lessen the strain. For instance, hiring a maid to come in once or twice a week may cost money, but could easily be worth it in the long run.

Although single parents face many obstacles daily, they must focus on ways to maintain their psychological well-being for them to protect their interests and those of their children. If a single parent gets overloaded with the burdens of raising a child alone, then their children will recognize that something is wrong, and can be negatively affected as well. The tips above can help single parents understand how to better handle the strains of single parenthood, and maintain their psychological well-being.