When individuals find themselves faced with the important task of being a single parent, there are many emotional trials that they have to work through. Whether it is guilt, depression, or frustration, the psychological well-being of a single parent depends on their ability to cope with the hand that they have been dealt. Although counseling and building a strong support system can help in maintaining their well-being, several factors should be considered to keep a straight head during this difficult time.

Dealing With The Guilt

Not only do single parents face the guilt of not being able to spend as much time with their children or give them everything they want, but they also face the guilt of the missing parent. Some feel that it is their fault that their child or children must now face life with only one parent, and so they try to make up for it.

Some parents make up for the loss of the non-custodial parent by adopting both the mother and father roles, and run themselves ragged trying to keep everything going all of the time. Others jump into the dating scene much too soon to find someone to replace the lost parent. Neither one of these options is good for the children, however, and can lead to even more problems. Instead, single parents should just focus on being the best mom or dad that they can be, and enjoy the time that they have alone with their children.

Managing Time

Time management is one of the biggest problems that single parents face, and it can also be the biggest cause of emotional stress. Not only do single parents have to work at least one full-time job to pay the bills, but they also have to be there for their children, maintain the household, and many also attend college to get a better education. Trying to do everything for everyone can put quite a strain on the psychological well-being of single parents.

Finding time to relax and do things for themselves is imperative for a single parent. Going out with friends once in a while or starting a new hobby is a great escape from the mundane tasks that must be completed each day. Finding ways to hand off some of the required tasks is another way to lessen the strain. For instance, hiring a maid to come in once or twice a week may cost money, but could easily be worth it in the long run.

Although single parents face many obstacles daily, they must focus on ways to maintain their psychological well-being for them to protect their interests and those of their children. If a single parent gets overloaded with the burdens of raising a child alone, then their children will recognize that something is wrong, and can be negatively affected as well. The tips above can help single parents understand how to better handle the strains of single parenthood, and maintain their psychological well-being.